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Dental Insurance Coverage Singapore

Accident happens and if you find yourself without the protection of supplementary Dental Insurance Coverage Singapore, you could benefit from our coverage.  This solution will definitely fits your individual needs to put an end from shortfall of cash during emergency situation. If you have recently undergone dentist treatment and you do not have supplementary Dental Insurance Coverage Singapore designed to protect you and the ones who are dear to you.

Purchasing an annual claim in Dental Insurance Coverage Singapore would be the best choice as annual coverage has highly reliability and enhancement schemes. In addition, we enhance add-on to health insurance which had unknowingly increases the protection level from accident.

Furthermore, we are designed to manage the high cost of bills, including routine check-ups, extractions and emergency dental treatments. With beneficial schemes on dental treatments, coverage for routine and accident related treatments, you can be sure that your dental needs are taken care of.

Dental Insurance Singapore


What Dental Insurance Coverage Singapore Provide

Dental insurance Coverage Singapore can be very expensive and if you want a fairly complete claim, you must choose a care plan premium. Fillings and emergency extractions are normally included in standard health plans, but when it comes to more specialized treatment involving crowns, bridges and other implants, costs rise very quickly.

Even premium plans do not cover everything with limits on, for example, the content of fillings, the volume of work and the number of visits to the dentist per annual. The insured must also verify that the claims include X-rays and simple cleaning. Cosmetic procedures and orthodontics for children are generally not included in most heaths plans (and if they are, premiums are generally high).

We provide patients a flexible and efficient coverage as well as cost containment solutions. The dental coverage can provide any combination of deductibles and reimbursement, which allows patients to choose the coverage in suiting them at the right price.

Dental insurance Coverage Singapore includes:

  • Diagnostic services;
  • Preventive services;
  • Catering services;
  • Cover major dental surgery;
  • Periodontal services;
  • Endodontic services;
  • Denture repair; and
  • Options orthodontics for adults and children services.